Bonchasse Land & Cattle Co., LLC (“Bonchasse”) utilizes Registered American Brahmans as our genetic base. The Brahman cow is used for her adaptability, insect resistance, heartiness, and mothering. We use the Brahman breed for multiple purposes including:

1) to produce elite registered Brahman seed stock that is marketed and frequently retained for in-herd use
2) to produce ABBA Golden Certified F-1 Females;

Our Brahmans represent the most elite genetics in the breed since many are the result of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, In vitro fertilization (IVF), or natural service from the best genetics of the Brahman breed including Bonchasse raised sires. We also are very selective in choosing our females for our breeding programs. A strong emphasis is placed on high performance EPD’s for all traits including carcass. We routinely evaluate and eliminate cows that do not meet our high standards for fertility, udder quality, structural soundness, and disposition.

When purchasing genetics from Bonchasse, be assured that every effort is given to produce high performing, fertile, good doing cattle.